In (September, 2015), we launched base2 Data Analytics, a boutique and specialised company which focuses on assisting Organisations to become data driven. Our drive is to create transparent and repeatable processes and to create an evidence based operating model.


Our Solutions Approach

Providing innovative solutions for all our customers requires an individualised approach, as each client is unique. This key element of our approach enables us to appeal to a broad range of businesses. Moreover, allowing flexibility with strategies and solutions for your business, our solutions include but are not limited to choosing technologies, resource management and streamlining options which are compatible with your business and your industry. .

Our service is ongoing, we continue to research and deliver specialised solutions that are dedicated to your needs. We combine our knowledge with specialized technology and analytics to provide improved productivity for our customers. This is to ensure a maximum ROI and help your business grow in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Our Managed Data Services

We apply consistent and repeatable techniques to help you acquire meaningful and relevant data. This data is used to clarify your current business model from a different perspective, making it obvious where improvements may be made to improve efficiency and productivity. Our system design and architecture services are tailored to each business on an individual basis. This ensures that strategies which are proposed are targeted to your particular business and industry.

base2DA Managed Data Services or Information as a Service (InaaS) includes but not limited to:

Our promise to you

Customers want to add value using their data assets and analysis. We help you achieve this with our tailored platform design, build and continued maintenance. Effective architectures allow us to deliver an infrastructure that suits your business requirements of growth, volume, security, latency and archiving. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver highly available, scalable and redundant hosting infrastructure and solutions to a wide range of business sizes or models.

Through our work we have been able to pave the way for our customers to grow their own analytical capabilities with a variety of techniques ranging from a Information Management plans to ongoing support for managed solutions.