Our Leadership Team that is responsible for the operating management of base2 Data Analytics are highly experienced foundation partners. base2da’s skilled team will work with you and your team, whether you are in the business of federal or local governance, or based in the private sector.

Our team of foundation partners have an extensive range of technical knowledge and abilities across a broad section of both the information technology and data management fields.
Our expanding team, all have relevant skill sets and extensive experience. Together, and in partnership with our federal and private clients, we apply proven capabilities to provide effective, data driven, decision making frameworks, processes and capabilities.

Meet Our Key Partners

Michael Ranson-Smith

Director, Foundation Partner

Michael is a consultant with broad experience across several Federal Government Departments ranging from Data Analysis and Data Integration and DW Technologies, Software Design and Development, Systems Design and Implementation, Systems Integration, Process Establishment, BAU Support and Systems Administration

Additionally, Michael has over 7 years of experience of Business Management, Administration and Compliance managing an IT Resource company.

John Bell

Director, Foundation Partner

John is a Principle Consultant with in depth knowledge of Information Management and Data Services. Ranging in both public and private sectors delivering solutions in Data Warehousing, Analytics, Big Data and Reporting/Visualisation.

The base2DA way: our solutions-based approach and working processes

Working with our customers, our team aims to select the most effective technological solutions and then match them with the wisest of implementation options. These are always chosen to match our customers’ resources and capability landscape. In this way, we help maximise their return on investment, while ensuring both their sustainability and ongoing business benefits. Acting in this way, we have already demonstrated success in delivering technical solutions within complex landscapes of capability, while operating across a wide range of both private industries and public and governmental agencies.

The specifics: our well established and repeatable process working areas

Our talented team deliver, right across the vital field of information management, in many practical ways, from system design and architecture services through to on- or off-site data warehousing. Much of our work focuses on the discovery, acquisition, and integration of data to deliver meaningful business perspectives and powerful outcomes. Our expertise in the delivery of analytical design services helps us to identify and establish patterns within your business and organisational data streams.

Whether your strategic information management needs arise in the private sector, local or federal government, one of our experienced lead partners is always willing to discuss your requirements.